The games go on in Springfield. Even after a stern warning from the Attorney General and a stiff regulation from the city, one cyber café is still operating.
Cyber 777 Center on Cooley Street has remained open even with it's competitors folding under pressure. The cyber café has adhered to the Springfield zoning laws, allowing no more than five terminals open at a time.
The café gave city councilors a tour of their facilities Thursday afternoon and showed their compliance to the laws.
Many have said the cyber cafes are guises for illegal gambling, since many of the games resemble slot machines.
In actuality, the terminals run sweepstakes games. Patrons purchase credits to use the computers, where they'll play the games. Springfield City Solicitor Ed Pikula says that's all legal.
"The actual sweepstakes that's being run here, assuming it's run the way it's been demonstrated does not constitute gaming," he says.
The café has also filed a request for a special permit to open more terminals. City councilors will vote on the measure on May 16th.