Internet Sweepstakes Software (ISS) Launches NEW gaming software.

A North Carolina company, Internet Sweepstakes Software known as (ISS), the self proclaimed, "Largest Internet Sweepstakes Network in the world" has announced the release of a 26 game "bundle package" that is said to be the "NC Sweepstakes Ban" solution.

Casey Rooks, a spokesperson of ISS predicts that the new sweepstakes software will be the largest mass-production net sweeps software that the industry has ever been exposed to.

HB 80, a new law that takes effect on Dec 1, is designed to 'ban' the current 'electronic sweepstakes issue'. Rooks says that a simple change in the game technicalities will allow the machines to remain where they are and not violate in NC law.

Despite the new law, Casey Rooks said the industry won't shut down, pointing to stores like one on Independence Boulevard in Charlotte, NC that’s currently advertising its grand opening. "Alot of people ask us how we're able to continue running even after the ban" Casey Rooks says as he reads the text of HB 80 " The simple answer is the issue is quite complex. Play the game and dont break the law." ISS will comform to HB80 and still be able to conduct business.

In addition, Rooks says that (ISN) Internet Sweepstakes Network, the parent company to (ISS), will announce the launch of a new network website designed to allow sweepstakes operators and industry members to donate to a charity specifically created to handle alloted funds donated from the sweepstakes industry to a host of charities.
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