Internet Sweepstakes Cafés Saves The Day For Many Unemployed Georgians
by News Desk on Nov 17th, 2010. Published under PRC Regional News.
(press release distribution) Augusta, Georgia. With the rising trend of unemployment sweeping the nation more and more Americans are forced out of jobs and into a world where debt and uncertainty about the future reign. This type of uncertainty is no stranger to Jasmine a married mother of three young children all under the age of six.

Jasmine’s husband Raul, lost his job ten months ago and while he continued to search for another job the family was forced to exist on the small income earned by Jasmine. Then it happened, Jasmine too lost her job and a five member household that existed with two incomes had to find a way to make do with the meager social services payout that they received monthly. With accumulating bills and a threat of foreclosure on their three bedroom home Jasmine was quickly losing hope. No one was willing to give her the job she so needed so that she could pay her bills and put food on the table.

This is until a recently opened Internet Sweepstakes Café opened shop in her local town of Augusta, Georgia. Jasmine laments, “Six months, I did not have a job. I could not pay my bills and although I applied for a lot of advertised positions, no one would hire me.” She goes on further to say, “I never heard of Internet Sweepstakes Café but I saw that they had a position for someone with experience in Customer Service so I applied. They hired me on the spot and I am so thankful, they helped me out when no one else will. I can finally start catching up on my bills.”

For many like Jasmine, Internet Sweepstakes Café continues to provide employment and hope. Internet Sweepstakes Cafés make use of the advances in technology to revolutionize traditional sweepstakes and they leverage the power of the Internet in order to do so. So far Internet Sweepstakes Cafés can be found in the states of Ohio, North Carolina, Ohio and Georgia with more than a few locations in each state. As popular as these are becoming they have not been without controversy. There have been many heated debates and legal battles based on the legality of the whole thing. Some claim that it is just another form of gambling while the owners behind these ventures shows clearly how different these cafés are from gambling .

As the controversy goes on and the wave of Internet Sweepstakes Café continue to sweep across the nation Jasmine and others like her are just thankful for the opportunity to get decent work and earn enough money to pay their bills and provide for their families.

Casey Rooks, a spokesperson for Internet Sweepstakes Network believes that ISN will be responsible for thousands of jobs across the State of Georgia and tens of thousands of jobs throughout America.

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