Hendersonville, N.C. --
Internet sweepstakes machines have been a hot button issue in North Carolina since a ban on the games took effect last year.

This week, Buncombe County recently joined the growing number of law enforcement agencies that say they will not enforce ban until a judge decides whether the law will stand.

"It is hard to enforce something when there is so much gray area," said Capt. David Adams of the Hendersonville Police Department.

Internet sweepstake parlors are popping up throughout Hendersonville, and authorities say they haven't had any issues with the businesses.

"I haven't noticed a problem with any of them," according to Capt. Adams.

Capt. Adams says Hendersonville Police don't enforce the 2010 law banning the machines, because there are too many questions about what parts of the ban are legal.

The N.C. Court of Appeals is now reviewing the ban after a judge struck down part of the law as violation of the first amendment and another judge backed the entire law.

7 On Your Side talked to one gaming operator who didn't want to be identified, but says internet sweepstakes are legal and shouldn't be considered otherwise since the games have predetermined outcomes that pay out and players are buying internet or phone time to play.

Until a ruling is made and the law is changed, Adams says the department won't waste man-power on regulating something they're unsure of.