MACON - A new business has opened on Northside Drive in Macon that allows people to use a bank of computers, send faxes, buy pre-paid phone cards and cell phones and win cash prizes.

The Action Stop Internet Cafe is at 3780 Northside Drive, Suite 100, North Park II shopping center, in the former CiCi’s Pizza location.
BEAU CABELL/THE TELEGRAPH Alex Knaub, recently finished with his service in the Army, said he enjoys the atmosphere of Action Stop Internet Cafe. “It’s a cool place to sit, hang out and visit with friends,’’ he said.

“We have 50 stations set up where folks can come in and utilize our computers, whether it be for surfing, e-mailing or copying,” said Christina Booth, co-owner of the business.

While there has been a delay in the delivery of the pre-paid cell phones, the business now has pre-paid calling cards and cell phone accessories, she said. The business, which opened Friday, has hired eight employees, she said.

“We thought the location was a nice location,” Booth said. “We needed ample parking. ... We thought it would be a great opportunity to hopefully bring some foot traffic as well as regular traffic in here.”

Full internet access costs $6 an hour, e-mail at $6.50 an hour, printing and copying is 5 cents a page and faxing costs 50 cents a page. Action Stop is open 10 a.m.-10 p.m. Mondays-Saturdays and 12:30 p.m.-9:30 p.m. Sundays. It offers complimentary soft drinks and snacks, Booth said.

The company’s cell phone products and Internet access are provided by Tel-Connect, which also offers promotional games of chance, according to a document provided by Booth.

Prizes are awarded when participants obtain free game pieces by coming into the store or when someone buys a telephone calling card, which comes with free game pieces, the document stated.

Participants may learn whether they have won by asking a store clerk, checking the prize status through the in-store computer or “revealing the prize status through the casino-themed display on the computer.”

The document stated that the games are not illegal gambling machines as defined by Georgia video poker law.

“The Tel-Connect promotion is available for free,” it stated. “It is not possible to play video poker through the Tel-Connect computer. Because the game is free, the computer that displays the game is not a gambling device.”

“The computer does not actually play a game; it merely reveals a pre-determined outcome through a display that looks like a game,” the documents stated. Prizes are from 1 cent to $4,200.

The games were provided by

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